Personal Zvi Dori

Zvi Dori, born in Israel, set up his own business and workshop in Hannover in 2004.

He started his apprenticeship to become a violin maker with H.R. Knobel in Celle in 1995. He then was able to follow his ambition to copy instruments in the fine old italian style.

With a lot of flair and feeling he discovered some "secrets" about this magnificent art of the 17th and 18th century. After his apprenticeship exam in Mittenwald in 1998, he worked in prestigious workshops in Münster, Hamburg and Hanover until 2003.

There he worked extensively in repair, restoration and new construction of stringed instruments of all kinds.
He acquired new skills and knowledge, which in turn flowed into his new construction of stringed instruments. In his study of historic stringed instruments he paid particular attention to instruments of the Baroque.

In 2003 the violin maker passed his exam for the master craftman's certificate in Hamburg.

With his violas he has made himself a name in numerous exhibitions, festivals and competitions.
His violins and cellos are very popular with soloists, orchestra musicians and music students at home and abroad.

For his new instruments he chooses modells of old italian masters like Andrea Guarneri, del Gesú, Stradivari, Rugeri or Gofriller.

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