"A single beautiful SOUND is lovelier than any long talk."

Our idea of  sound shall be brought in line with your concept of sound.

For more than 400 years old italian instruments - like the ones of great masters like Stradivari, Amati or Guarneri - are an ideal due to their enchanting magical sound and their special and elegant design.
We have set ourselves the goal to keep as close as possible to this tradition of making and sound.
 We are using the knowledge that we have gained from listening to, seeing and measuring an uncountable number of instruments for the new making in our workshop.

Our particular interest is not only in the new making but we also commit ourselves to your individual wishes in regards of sound and optimisation of the playability.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Ira Givol trying out a barockcello
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